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NaughtyCandyz.comPlanning a Successful Wedding.

by: nozze dunone
If you decided to have a traditional church
wedding then your order of wedding service
will normally run something like this.
Firstly you will usually meet with your local
church minister and discuss the different
options for your order of wedding service. An
order of wedding service might include just
the words of the hymns, or just the major
parts of the service. This helps your guests
to follow the order of wedding service
proceedings so they know what is happening
and save them from having to refer to hymn
books (particularly if they are not religious
people) during the service.

On your Wedding Day the ushers should
generally be the first to arrive so that they
can give out orders of service to arriving
guests and then show people to their seats.

The groom and his best man should also arrive
early to ensure they arrive in plenty of time
to allow for their photos to be taken before
the service. The bridesmaids will then arrive
and should wait outside for the bride. If in
a church, the bells start to ring and the bride
and her father generally arrive a few minutes
before the service to allow for photographs
taken and for the chief bridesmaid to have a
chance to arrange the dress and train and
organise the other bridesmaids for entry into
the wedding service.

When the bride reaches the front the groom
and best man should take their places on the
bride's right. The bride then hands her bouquet
to her chief bridesmaid to her left. After the
entrance of the bride, there is usually a hymn,
followed by readings and an address from the
minister. The vows are taken and then the best
man passes the rings to the groom or he can
give them to the minister on the face of the
prayer book and he will offer them to the bride
and groom.

The minister may then say a prayer and the
congregation may sing a hymn, followed by a
final blessing. The bride and groom follow the
minister to go and sign the register, usually
followed by their parents and the bridesmaids
and best man. While the register is being
signed and witnessed by two adults, a choir
may sing or the organist may play some music.
When the formalities are finished, the bridal
procession leaves the church as follows: bride
and groom, small attendants, chief bridesmaid
and best man, bride's mother with groom's
father and then groom's mother with bride's

The order of service will run quickly and
usually runs far smoother than anyone expects
when they are first putting the order of
service together.

About the author:
nozze dunone is the owner of
M Marriage
which is a premier resource for marriage information.
for more information, go to http://www.mmarriage.com

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Don't let a friend shoot your wedding

by: Shawn Hickman
Your wedding budget is starting to get a little high and you need to cut a few corners to save some cash and so you ask your buddy to get behind the camera. Wrong move. Never let your friend, be it your best friend or even a close family member, run the camera at your wedding. There are a few reasons for this. 

First off, there is so much more involved in capturing a wedding on video than your friend will think about. Sound, lighting, positioning, framing, storyline, style, each of these broad categories has numerous tiny little elements where if one is off the whole thing doesn't look or sound right. Normally a friend will wait until the last minute to get equipment and then not know what they need usually showing up with a less than quality camcorder and only a built in microphone. Batteries, tapes, they don't think about these things. The less they know, the less they will show up with.

Secondly, holding a camcorder and capturing a wedding and reception isn't like being there enjoying the moment, It's work and you need to concentrate on what your doing such as how the shot looks, sounds, where you need to be next, iris, focus, and a bunch of other little nuances. That lends very little time to enjoy the wedding and the people involved which is what you want your family and friends to do while they are there.

Lastly, if something should go wrong it could possibly ruin a friendship. It's happened many times before and will happen again, a friend wants to be involved with the wedding and only shoots a little bit of footage and not good video because he wants to get that part over with. Or, he forgets the sound, or he forgets to hit record, or he's out of focus or he just doesn't know where to be and when, all in all the video recorded isn't good and most of your wedding is unusable. This will definitely put a strain on any friendship because a wedding video is very important, avoid this potential hazardous situation and hire someone, outsource the videographer, it's your best bet.

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Monday, 11 August 2014

Free, Funny Wedding Day Speeches

by: Lorna Mclaren

They say that getting married can be one of the most stressful things that anyone can do. However some parts of the day can prove more stressful than others!

http://www.naughtycandyz.com Making a Wedding Speech can be a very stressful event for those involved. To stand up and make a speech in front of any group can be nerve racking but when you consider that those about to make a Wedding Speech are about to stand up before friends and family then it can bring on a whole new set of nerves!!

Sometimes the person making the Wedding Speech will inject a few good one liners to add an element of fun and delivered well this can be very effective. One important point that goes with humor in a Wedding Speech is practise your delivery, there is no point in being flustered and saying the punchline first!!

Many Wedding Speeches made by the groom will mention his new mother-in-law and may extend thanks for the job done in bringing up her daughter. One groom took this a step further and thanked his father-in-law for giving him two mother-in-laws!!! Generally the grooms speech will be on behalf of himself and his new wife and if he knows what is good for him he will praise her to the hilt!!

Next in the grooms speech he will thank the bridesmaids for performing their duties and it then falls to the best man to reply on behalf of the bridesmaids in his speech. It makes sense for the groom and best man to discuss this part of their speeches before hand.

If you are looking for free wedding speech ideas then look no further.
Here are a few that I have discovered,

I'm told that the best speech makers follow three simple rules. Stand Up. Speak Up. Then, very quickly, Shut Up. I'll try to stick to that advice.

The brain is a wonderful thing. It never stops functioning from the time you're born until the moment you stand up to make a speech. - Herbert V Prochnow and Herbert V Prochnow Jnr

The trouble with being the best man at a wedding is that you never get to prove it.

Here's to our wives and lovers. May they never meet.

The most effective way to remember your wedding anniversary is to forget once.

'Grow old along with me, The best is yet to be.' - Robert Burns

Of course the majority of Wedding Speeches, it is assumed will be made by men but that is not always the case. The brides mother is entitled to speak and sometimes even the bride herself will feel a few words are appropriate.

So you have done your research, you have prepared a fantastic free wedding speech and you have practised in front of the mirror, possibly holding a hair brush and watch by the dog. This is it, you are ready to go! Try not to over do the dutch courage and have a great wedding!!

About the author:
Lorna Mclaren has an information and resources website at www.a1ourwedding.com where you can gather everything you need to make your Wedding Day special!
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Titanium Mens Rings – The Contemporary Look for the Modern Man

by: Peter Crump

The wearing of a man wedding ring is a relatively modern phenomenon. So is the use of Titanium in Titanium mens rings.

One of the newest and classiest of the modern jewelry materials, Titanium is setting a standard in the looks of contemporary mens wedding bands.

Despite this, mens titanium rings are reasonably hard to find in your local jewelry store. Unfortunately titanium hasn’t quite made it into the consciousness of your local jewelry merchant. So if you want to find the ultimate in contemporary male jewelry, including men’s titanium rings, you have to look further affield. 

Image courtesy of


/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Enter the internet. There is a world of choice on the net for the modern couple searching for the ideal contemporary design mens titanium wedding band.

But first, what is titanium?

Titanium is a naturally occurring element, not an alloy. In other words it isn’t just a mixture of two or more different metals to produce a third one, as alloys are. That is not to say that Titanium cannot be alloyed with other metals, just that Titanium itself is not an alloy.

It is in fact often alloyed with other metals for jewelry making to make it harder, although all Titanium including pure Titanium makes a fine jewelry material.

For the more chemically minded amongst us, Titanium is listed in the periodic table as a natural element, atomic number 22.

It was named in 1795 after the god Titan.

Titanium can even be found in space rocks. The Apollo 17 mission brought back rocks with up to 12% Titanium in them.

Because of it’s natural properties Titanium has been primarily used in the aerospace industry, and only more recently applied to jewelry making.

But why is Titanium such a great material for making mens wedding bands? A number of reasons.

Firstly it is very hard, much harder than traditional ring materials such as gold and silver. It is extremely lightweight, corrosion resistant and very strong. It is so strong in fact that rings are fashioned out of a solid block of metal, so make sure that you get your size right as resizing is usually not an option.

It is hypoallergenic, meaning that it cannot produce skin reactions or allergies as can be found with some other ring materials, though rare.

But the real reason is that it looks great! Titanium can be shaped into a wide variety of styles. It can also be colored into a stunning range of colors which can be mixed and matched.

For this reason the range of choices in mens Titanium wedding bands is much greater than for a more traditional material such as gold for example. Although gold can be altered to offer a small range of different colours, it is basically gold colored. Titanium offers a much wider range of choices in color.

Titanium also offers a choice of finish, most commonly satin, matt or polished.

Black Titanium mens wedding rings are amongst the most eye catching of all the Titanium rings. Black Titanium rings are usually a mix of black Titanium coupled with another color as an all black ring can be overpowering. But a contemporary style mens black Titanium ring is almost the ultimate in chic for the man who wants to make a statement.

Mens Titanium rings can be coupled with a wide range of precious gemstones, including diamonds, to add effect. And as Titanium is so strong it is also possible to buy tension set titanium rings.

What are these? Well the strength of the material is used to suspend a gemstone, say a diamond, between the two ends of the ring so that the gemstone is almost hanging in space in the ring. A totally modern look.

The strength of the Titanium keeps it there.

And for the more creatively minded amongst us it is possible to design your own mens Titanium ring. There are online jewellers who offer the option of making up a design for your Titanium ring that is unique only to you. You decide exactly what style, color or mix of colors you want.

Want to add a gemstone? Or more than one? Where do you want to put it in the ring? It’s all up to you.

There is no doubt that the older traditional materials used for making rings make beautiful rings. Gold or silver rings are still high on the list of choices for many men, and modern ring designs in these materials are also impressive.

But the modern man who has decided to wear his marital status on his finger shouldn’t buy a ring before he looks at the range of
Titanium mens wedding rings.

The only difficulty is making up your mind which one!

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